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paella fideo
paella fideo
This Paella uses pasta instead of rice

A twist on Paella – made with Fideo instead of rice

This Paella was served to us at a small winery in Spain’s Priorat wine region. We were guests for lunch at the bodega Burgos Porta. Paella is a classic Spanish dish traditionally made using various types of Spanish rice. In this variation of Paella, rice was not used. Instead, Fideo was used. Fideo are thin strands of pasta that are slightly curved. You can try this at home adding the same ingredients you would making a traditional Paella, except substituting the Fideo for the rice. Here is our favorite recipe for making the most delicious and best Paella you have ever tasted in your entire life. Making Paella is not as difficult as it looks. It is all in the prep. Be organized and exact with measurements and your Paella will be wonderful. Note on wine requirements. Many wines go with Paella but, for Heaven’s sake, go with a wine from Spain. Since this Paella was made in the Priorat wine region, go with a Priorat from your favorite wine shop. This is a Priorat that is divine and will not break your wine budget. It is called Black Slate.

Cellar Burgos Porta

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