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In April we posted an entry on Napa Valley wineries that we considered to be exemplary in “Green” practices. In addition to this list, there are many other wineries practicing organic farming to some degree. Here is the list that we have compiled as of this date. Please comment to add your winery to our listings.

napa valley wineries using organic farming

Wineries in Napa Valley and Carneros using organic farming strategies

Araujo Estate — Biodynamic
Casa Nuestra – Sustainable and Organic
Charles Krug – Sustainable
Ehlers Estate – Biodynamic
Frog’s Leap — Sustainable, Certified Organic
Grgich Hills – Sustainable
Honig Cellars — Sustainable
La Rocca Vineyards, Certified Organic
Long Meadow Ranch – Certified Organic
Napa Wine Company
Peju Province — Certified Organic
Robert Keenan Winery — Sustainable
Robert Sinskey – Biodynamic
Rubicon Estate
Silver Mountain Vineyards – Certified Organic
Staglin Family Vineyard – Certified Organic
Spotswoode — Certified Organic
Spring Mountain Vineyards — Sustainable
Tres Sabores — Certified Organic
ZD Wines — Certified Organic

If you want to know more about the terms certified organic, sustainable farming, biodynamic farming, and organic wine go here: Organic Farming Terms


  1. Helena View Johnston Vineyards has been certified Organic since 1992. We are a small, green, natural, family owned winery just outside of Calistoga. If people want a personalized wine tasting experience, Helena View is a great place to try.

  2. I love this this, thank you for sharing. I’m looking to do a wine tasting trip of sustainable wineries for my 21st birthday nest month. Anyone know of any recommended tours? Or how I can organize my day to get the most out of it? Thanks!

    • My recommendations for the Napa Valley would be visiting:
      Robert Sinskey, Casa Nuestra, Frog’s Leap, and Honig. Have fun!

  3. Dear Somebody,
    Me and my husband will visit California/Napa Valley in February/March.
    I have a dream to visit some organic vineyards.
    In addition we would like to stay at a Bed and Breakfast at some organic vineyards.
    Are there any?? Have you any tips for us?
    Best Regards, Pia

    • There are plenty of organic vineyards in the Napa Valley. Robert Sinskey, Frog’s Leap, etc. I don’t know of any B&B with organic gardens but there is probably some out there. Maybe some of our readers will be able to help you.


  4. All of Casa Nuestra’s estate vineyards are either sustainably or organically farmed. Can you please add us to your list? We are 100% solar too! Our organic certificate will be issued this year. Thanks!
    Casa Nuestra Winery & Vineyards