Calistoga is our favorite town for lodging and dining. In some respects, Calistoga is a step back in time. The pace is less hectic, and there is more of laid back approach to the wine scene. Back to the Napa Valley Wine Country Planning Guide

Calistoga wine country

What people do in Calistoga

  • Have a mud bath, get a massage or take a hot springs swim
  • Watch the Old Faithful Geyser
  • Hang out at the Calistoga Brew Pub
  • Browse the shops on Lincoln
  • Take in Calistoga’s Sharpsteen Museum
  • Walk to and dine at upscale restaurants 
  • Have breakfast any time of the day at the legendary Sarafornia Cafe
  • Spend time at Copperfield’s bookstore
  • Shop at the Calistoga Depot 
  • Hang out at the Calistoga Rostery
  • Visit wineries on the Calistoga Wine Trail
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Where to dine in Calistoga
Where to lodge in Calistoga

Why we like Calistoga